Data + Story

I heard an interesting point about analytics. Analytics and data are not the same thing. Data is objective, it can be gathered, it is factual. Analytics is the interpretation of the that data, the “analysis” of the facts. Simple, sure. But often confused these days. Data is absolutely valuable. But expecting data to create and… Continue reading Data + Story

The Minimum

Often we think in terms of minimums. What is the floor? The least amount of effort in order to get passable results. Results that help us get by. Not praise worthy, but also nothing to get us in trouble. Because, we tell ourselves, we need to save our energy for the things we actually care… Continue reading The Minimum

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Driver’s Seat

Often times, in many organizations, groups, gatherings, and jobs we realize one day that there is no one behind the wheel.  And so we hear people complain about the bumpy road, the swerving, the myriad of other things that are wrong with this journey but few actually step into the driver’s seat and take responsibility.… Continue reading Driver’s Seat

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Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing opportunities require putting ourselves out there. And sometimes it happens at a point where we’re not ready or not the right fit for the opportunity. But we still need to try. Even when it exposes some of our weaknesses and our shortcomings. It sucks to be told “no”, to get rejected. But the only… Continue reading Seizing the Opportunity

What is your superpower?

This is actually a question that gets asked at Amazon. They tried to have us incorporate this question in our interviews of candidates and also in performance reviews. It’s a simple question and on the surface might even seem a little silly, but is actually an important question to think about. The most obvious goal… Continue reading What is your superpower?

Busyness or Business

Writing out the title of this post, is the first time I actually realized how close the two words “Busyness” and “Business” are. And part of it occurred because I was trying to figure out how to properly spell Busyness, which led me to type Busi-ness. How do we spend most of our time? Especially… Continue reading Busyness or Business