More than Your Job Description

Many people want to do more at work.  They have ideas of what they would do if they had more time, control or authority. And when changes happen at work that disrupt their norm, when they are asked to do more, they get frustrated and upset that they aren’t getting paid for the extra effort.

It gets tough to see sometimes. Because you can see the writing on the wall.

It’s like seeing a waiter who has been doing the bare minimum ask the table their serving for a tip before they “up” their serving game. It’s a pay first and I’ll show you what I can do mentality. The only problem is, if you showed what you were actually capable of beforehand, you wouldn’t be in this situation. You would either be compensated more appropriately or you would leave to get compensated appropriately. And compensation is a very loose term. To some it means money. To other it means autonomy. To others it means respect. But all of those things come after the price has been paid. You don’t get promoted in order to do more challenging work. You get rewarded with a promotion BECAUSE you saw your way through the challenges and took on ownership of things that were beyond your “job description”.

Having ideas of what your job should be is great. Making that job your job description is up to you.

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