Driver’s Seat

Often times, in many organizations, groups, gatherings, and jobs we realize one day that there is no one behind the wheel. 

And so we hear people complain about the bumpy road, the swerving, the myriad of other things that are wrong with this journey but few actually step into the driver’s seat and take responsibility. Here’s the reality, for most that driver seat isn’t worth it. Being the driver of this or that project, organization, or job isn’t worth the time, effort and energy. And yet for some, they see the opportunity. The chance to start taking control and driving in the direction they want to see happen for themselves and the others around them.

Our inner lives can be like this as well. One day we wake up to find ourselves on autopilot with no one behind the wheel. 

I often tend to think to myself that I need to have things figured out before making the decision to take responsibility. But sometimes the only way to gain control internally is to just begin taking responsibility externally, to slide into that driver seat for something. Ultimately it’s all part of the same thing. Who we are is made up of what we do.

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