Came across an interesting definition for the word “awareness” today. Knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience. What struck me was the 2nd half of that definition, “at the present time based on information or experience.” I never thought of it as… Continue reading Awareness

Want. Inadequacy. And What is True?

Often we get stuck thinking there are better options out there. Better situation, better house, better career, better friends, better job, better something. So we suffer from a constant feeling of wanting. And we often also look ourselves in reverse. We’re pretty sure that there are other people who are better than us at our… Continue reading Want. Inadequacy. And What is True?

Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing opportunities require putting ourselves out there. And sometimes it happens at a point where we’re not ready or not the right fit for the opportunity. But we still need to try. Even when it exposes some of our weaknesses and our shortcomings. It sucks to be told “no”, to get rejected. But the only… Continue reading Seizing the Opportunity

What is your superpower?

This is actually a question that gets asked at Amazon. They tried to have us incorporate this question in our interviews of candidates and also in performance reviews. It’s a simple question and on the surface might even seem a little silly, but is actually an important question to think about. The most obvious goal… Continue reading What is your superpower?