Just like the dramatic temperature difference between being in the sun and in the shade, you can see the difference between someone engaged and disengaged with their work.  A person’s disengagement throws shade on a their attitude, performance, and ability to be creative. And most importantly their ability to empathize. They get stuck in their… Continue reading Disengaged


Noun. An underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation. I first learned about subtext, when I took acting classes in college. We talked about the “real” conversation in the midst of a conversation, about reading between the lines. And it is something I think about almost daily, years later. What… Continue reading Subtext

The Power of Complaining

The tricky part of complaining is that subtextually we’re admitting defeat. We’re admitting that we can’t do anything about the situation we’re in. That the only thing left to do is complain.  On the other hand, we all vent. We all need to express our frustrations. And it does help to communicate our feelings and… Continue reading The Power of Complaining

Our Time. Their Time.

The frustration comes when we try to have others abide by our time, our schedule, our pace. Because for most important things that synchronicity doesn’t often align. We all have our own pace. It can’t be rushed, not really. Not in a lasting way. Just like creating any sort of change, it comes when the… Continue reading Our Time. Their Time.

Dealing with the Irrational

How do you deal with people who aren’t rational? Who can’t and won’t listen to reason? I’m a firm believer in the adage: Want better answers? Ask better questions. Here’s a few that might help: Are you asking this because they won’t listen to what YOU have to say? Who isn’t emotionally led? What is… Continue reading Dealing with the Irrational