I’m Worth More Than This.

Often here people saying this statement at many of the places I’ve worked. Have definitely heard myself utter this many times to anyone who would listen. But the flaw in this statement is that it seeks outside validation to a question only we can answer.

Actually, let me back up, it is a statement to a question we’ve actually already answered.

What we’re really saying is, “This isn’t worth it to me.”

Only we often struggle to say those words. Because the next question we need to ask ourselves is, “Then why are we continuing to do it?”

Thing is, there’s always a reason why we do what we do because the statement is an incomplete sentence. “This isn’t worth it to me” actually has the word “but” added to it. We just aren’t often able to see it.

This isn’t worth it to me, but I need to provide for my family.

This isn’t worth it to me, but I need the experience.

This isn’t worth it to me, but ….

The second part is about being honest about the “…” after the “but”. Because when we can look at that second statement honestly, we can choose to accept it (since sometimes that is the most important thing for us at that moment) or we can begin to solve the problem that it poses.

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