Just like the dramatic temperature difference between being in the sun and in the shade, you can see the difference between someone engaged and disengaged with their work.  A person’s disengagement throws shade on a their attitude, performance, and ability to be creative. And most importantly their ability to empathize. They get stuck in their… Continue reading Disengaged

I’m Worth More Than This.

Often here people saying this statement at many of the places I’ve worked. Have definitely heard myself utter this many times to anyone who would listen. But the flaw in this statement is that it seeks outside validation to a question only we can answer. Actually, let me back up, it is a statement to… Continue reading I’m Worth More Than This.

The Power of Taking Notes

I’ve often wondered why the people who are the most productive tend to be those who carry around notepads and take notes. I would say it isn’t necessarily the fact that they take notes and can refer back to them later. Or that they have an easy to follow checklist to keep them on track.… Continue reading The Power of Taking Notes