Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing opportunities require putting ourselves out there. And sometimes it happens at a point where we’re not ready or not the right fit for the opportunity. But we still need to try. Even when it exposes some of our weaknesses and our shortcomings. It sucks to be told “no”, to get rejected. But the only… Continue reading Seizing the Opportunity

What you’re owed.

What does a company owe you? What does a business partner owe you? What does anyone else owe you? Sometimes you give so much of your time, energy, and perhaps even youth to a venture, only to see it fail. Or sometimes you see it flourish and thrive into a company you no longer recognize… Continue reading What you’re owed.

Moving Forward

I often tend to think you can only move forward when you have things figured out, when you know where you’re going and what you want. But is that really true? I’m sure for some people that is the case. But I think for most of us we don’t have that kind of clarity, we… Continue reading Moving Forward