Just like the dramatic temperature difference between being in the sun and in the shade, you can see the difference between someone engaged and disengaged with their work. 

A person’s disengagement throws shade on a their attitude, performance, and ability to be creative. And most importantly their ability to empathize. They get stuck in their own narrative, which pushes them to even more disengagement. And often they cut off the energy in themselves that allows them to grow (in that particular skill, task, project, job, career). Because that energy only comes with engagement.

Though I do believe that people are able to change, it’s rare. They have to want that change themselves. You may paint a clear picture or show a path to improvement, but unless it’s a path they think is worth going down, then it makes no difference.

I often see the disengagement from people who speak in terms of entitlement. But that sense of entitlement just works against them to create even more of a rift between them and others, as well as their engaged and disengaged self.

And so they often create a situation where they are asking to be let go or fired, only to complain after the fact about being let go. 

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