Want. Inadequacy. And What is True?

Often we get stuck thinking there are better options out there. Better situation, better house, better career, better friends, better job, better something. So we suffer from a constant feeling of wanting.

And we often also look ourselves in reverse. We’re pretty sure that there are other people who are better than us at our jobs, parenting, sports, studying, investing, reading, grammar, anything and everything. So we suffer from a constant feeling of inadequacy.

Both of those scenarios and all the reasons behind them might be true. They might be. But the feelings? Those are only true to us. Most people at this point will tell you we get to CHOOSE how we feel about something. Though that can be true to some, that also takes A LOT of practice and usually only works on challenges we’ve already overcome and experienced before. It doesn’t speak to the challenges we’re currently in and those that blindside us. 

Those feelings are true and real to us at that moment, they are based on a pattern of thinking that elicits a certain response. But they don’t have to always be real to us. If we understand that this train of thinking or system of measurement results in these disempowering feelings, the choice we have isn’t to change the way we feel about a situation, it’s to change what we look at, to change out lens. To ask, “What is actually true right now at this moment?” And to also accept that we are in exactly this specific situation for a reason. There is no good or bad, positive or negative. Those values only become apparent after the fact and they usually oscillate as time goes by. But what is true, is that the scenarios I started this post with are from a certain lens. And that lens is what brings about the emotions. Change your lens, change your emotions.

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