Just want to do something new

Often when we find ourselves in a funk, a rut, a mood, we look to make a dramatic change in our lives. Something new. Something different.
But what is that thing? Sometimes we have a vague notion of what it is or at least we think we do. More often then not, we don’t. We just know we don’t want to be doing what we’ve been doing. And so we have the strong desire to leave our current situation, job, project, hoping that it will snap us out of the funk we’re in.
And maybe it will.
Or maybe not.
Maybe it’s our lack of clarity about where we actually are at this moment, what we’re actually doing, and why we’re doing it.
And maybe getting that clarity doesn’t have to come from some big change, or new city, or new haircut. At least not immediately. Maybe it comes from deciding to make one small shift today that’s intentional. And doing the same tomorrow. Like a ship on the open ocean, changing your course even by a single degree can take you somewhere else completely. It may not have the immediacy we all hope for, the high that comes from frantic activity and a large sweeping change, but it does put us on a different path, a new path, one with new possibilities.
Luckily, the only requirement is that we look at our lives in a different way.  And that’s something you don’t need anyone’s help to do, you already have everything you need.

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