Purpose of Life

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your gift away.” — David Viscott.


Just like the dramatic temperature difference between being in the sun and in the shade, you can see the difference between someone engaged and disengaged with their work.  A person’s disengagement throws shade on a their attitude, performance, and ability to be creative. And most importantly their ability to empathize. They get stuck in their… Continue reading Disengaged

Time Travel

It’s easy to time travel. It’s real and you don’t need special equipment or a modified Delorean to do it. Most of us already spend much of our waking hours doing it.  Thinking about all the things we need to do in the future or how we haven’t yet achieved the job/career/relationships/accomplishments we want. So… Continue reading Time Travel

I’m Worth More Than This.

Often here people saying this statement at many of the places I’ve worked. Have definitely heard myself utter this many times to anyone who would listen. But the flaw in this statement is that it seeks outside validation to a question only we can answer. Actually, let me back up, it is a statement to… Continue reading I’m Worth More Than This.

Data + Story

I heard an interesting point about analytics. Analytics and data are not the same thing. Data is objective, it can be gathered, it is factual. Analytics is the interpretation of the that data, the “analysis” of the facts. Simple, sure. But often confused these days. Data is absolutely valuable. But expecting data to create and… Continue reading Data + Story

Hope on Both Sides

When job searching, there is an important truth to realize. Just as much as you want to be picked by them, they are desperately hoping that you are the right candidate as well. I think many job seekers forget that fact. The people trying to fill the position are hoping that every resume, every interview… Continue reading Hope on Both Sides

Where Growth Exists

It’s easy to expect growth to be external. We often look with anticipation for the a seed planted to pierce the surface with its sprout. And we carry this expectation over into our own lives. But the thing we miss, is the change that is happening below the surface. The stuff that we don’t see.… Continue reading Where Growth Exists

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