Moving Forward

I often tend to think you can only move forward when you have things figured out, when you know where you’re going and what you want. But is that really true?

I’m sure for some people that is the case.

But I think for most of us we don’t have that kind of clarity, we don’t know what we want, we haven’t figured everything out, we don’t know where to go next. And so we get stuck, we stall, we freeze, we question, we doubt, we get stuck in our heads OR we go round in circles, continuing to do the exact same things we’ve always done, we go on auto pilot.

But what if you accept that you don’t know what you want and just sit with it. Don’t fight it, don’t push it away or beat yourself up for not knowing. Because maybe it’s true. Maybe at that very second every fiber in your body believes that is the case. But that’s the beautiful thing about life, it keeps moving. What was true one second ago, was true back then. It doesn’t mean that it has to be true at this particular second or the next.  Like a wave that passes over you, maybe at this new second you accept that you don’t know what to do next and that empowers you to make the tiniest of shifts, maybe away from something you know you don’t like, or maybe towards something you do like, either way it’s movement. And movement begets movement. What we often don’t give enough credit to are the incremental shifts that compound over time.

Wouldn’t it be great to act on and do something knowing that I had everything all figured out?  Absolutely. But you know what, in the absence of that, I’ll take moving forward even if it’s in the smallest increments and without a clear picture, because I also trust that deep down inside, I do know more than I allow myself to recognize. That the wave of emotion of not knowing, is just that, a wave of emotion. Let the wave pass and you take one more step forward.

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