Our Time. Their Time.

The frustration comes when we try to have others abide by our time, our schedule, our pace. Because for most important things that synchronicity doesn’t often align.

We all have our own pace.

It can’t be rushed, not really. Not in a lasting way. Just like creating any sort of change, it comes when the person is ready for that change themselves.
In sales, we don’t sell a client. We don’t close a deal. Clients actually sell themselves. We’re just there to make them feel more confident in that choice.

And so it is with time. We think that time is objective and that everyone sees things at our pace, our timeline, our speed. That everyone should be able to realize things as quickly as we do or see the things that we do, the way we do.

But time isn’t as objective as we think it is. People come to see things in their own way and at their own time. Maybe they will see the things the way we do, maybe not. But one way to prevent them from ever seeing things the way we do, is to expect them to abide by our timeline. That’s how important and personal time is. 

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