Where Growth Exists

It’s easy to expect growth to be external. We often look with anticipation for the a seed planted to pierce the surface with its sprout. And we carry this expectation over into our own lives.

But the thing we miss, is the change that is happening below the surface. The stuff that we don’t see. The roots that reach downwards before anything even starts reaching upwards. It’s not hidden, it’s just not in plain site.

And so we often expect to see the growth in ourselves, as if we were outsiders looking in. As if we aren’t the seeds but the person above the surface looking for a sign of growth.

But the real growth happens below the surface. The growth happens on the inside. Whether others can see it or not, whether we ourselves are able to see it or not, it happens inside. What if we were able to stop looking outside for the growth we seek but just focus on the roots we want to develop on the inside, and leave the external to appear in it’s own time.

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