What you’re owed.

What does a company owe you? What does a business partner owe you? What does anyone else owe you? Sometimes you give so much of your time, energy, and perhaps even youth to a venture, only to see it fail. Or sometimes you see it flourish and thrive into a company you no longer recognize… Continue reading What you’re owed.

Moving Forward

I often tend to think you can only move forward when you have things figured out, when you know where you’re going and what you want. But is that really true? I’m sure for some people that is the case. But I think for most of us we don’t have that kind of clarity, we… Continue reading Moving Forward


Acceptance doesn’t have to mean thinking something is right or condoning particular behavior. It also doesn’t mean you have to like that something is the way it is. But it does mean that you start to understand what is and isn’t under your control. What you can and can’t change. And more importantly where you… Continue reading Acceptance

Sunsets and Sunrises

Often we marvel, take pictures, and comment on the beauty of sunsets. Dazzling displays of cotton candy or fiery skies that bring the joy of the end of a work day. But we often don’t celebrate sunrises, which also comes with its own beauty, not only in its skies but with its promise. The gift… Continue reading Sunsets and Sunrises