(Noun) A gloss or sheen on a surface resulting from age or polishing.

.The patina on leather goods are unique to the type of leather, frequency of use, and exposure.

.Patinas can provide a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering. They may also be aesthetically appealing.

Often we look for the perfect. We try to maintain the new and untouched quality of our latest purchase. Like keeping the plastic on our new iPhone or making sure our white shoes stay spotless.

And unknowingly we often take a similar approach to our lives. We seek to make things perfect or seemingly perfect.

But I’m reminded that it’s the irregularities that bring character to things. Like the angled faded wallet outline in the back of well worn raw jeans or the lighter brown patches on the armrest of a favorite chair. It’s not the lack of use that brings about this unique look, it’s the continual use. The day to day.

And so the question is, What are the Patinas we want to develop? And on what things?

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